Real Estate Financing without Wife

Mortgage lending is hardly possible without credit

Mortgage lending is hardly possible without credit

But many single people also want to live in their own home. This was also the case in this case: the court saw the personal obligation of the wife to support her husband. This was frightening, because without her income, the father would have transferred almost half of his monthly net interest and repayments to the building society. Many financial service providers offer real estate financing, because they are secured against termination, among other things. Mortgage lending is hardly possible without credit.

Mortgage lending alone instead of in pairs: Individuals have to plan differently

Mortgage lending alone instead of in pairs: Individuals have to plan differently

Of my wife, my children, our home – home ownership is often a problem for couples or family. When it comes to the question of affordability, they sometimes have to take unusual paths. Whether new construction of a single-family home or a chic condominium – when it comes to home ownership, usually several buyers are involved. “Property owners are usually married couples or families.

But many single’s are now realizing their desire for their own four pages. But who manages the financing itself, must be separated from some common clues. There are no official figures on how many individuals in the Federal Republic are buying a property. Nevertheless, he stated, “Building is not just a problem for families.”

Real estate financing Single’s must calculate

Real estate financing Single

According to surveys of his association, about 70 percent of the prefabricated housing is bought by relatives or old couples. Around 20 percentage points of the buyers are childless. But at least 10 percent are individuals – with an upward trend. Alone. But in real estate financing Single’s must calculate more precisely than a couple – for a simple reason: “Some have no backup.

“Couples can help each other in an emergency.” An important principle is therefore: “Singles should bring much more capital,” advises the real estate expert. “For married couples, 20 to 30 percent loans are usually enough,” he says. “Single persons are better off with 40 to 50 percent capital.” This has the disadvantage that the interest burden of the loan is reduced.

Repayment of 2 percentage points 

Repayment of 2 percentage points 

Example: According to FMH Financial Consulting from the Main area, a real estate loan of USD 100,000 with a maturity of 10 years and a repayment of 2 percentage points is at best 2.37 percentage points with a lending rate of 80 percentage points. If the loan is 50 percentage points, the favorable interest rate falls to 2.17 percentage points (as of 11 March 14).

While couples should invest every remaining amount in the special repayment, it is better for individuals to make a deposit. “Financial mathematics may be nonsense, but it is important for individuals.” If you are single, you need more fresh air to finance it. “Otherwise, there is a possibility that acquirers or builders have to sell their property in case of persistent unemployment or serious illness ,

Therefore, the amount of credit should also be limited: “More than 30% of the monthly net income should not be available. As a rule, individuals are best placed to sustainably finance their own homes. But even for singles, there are advantages in home equity financing: “You do not have to consider anyone.

“You can create a timetable without considering, for example, possible family growth.” And who gets the property? Is a restructuring of financing necessary? “This danger does not apply to individual building owners and buyers,” he says.

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