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Loan for entrepreneurs and self-employed directly from the investor without agency fees. This applies to both borrowers and investors. The borrowers are happy about uncomplicated procurement procedures in which credit bureau is not involved. For institutional and public clients with capital needs, we offer integrated investment banking products and comprehensive industry-specific advice. At the same time the issuer buys a CDS on a specific reference debt when issuing the bond and pays the seller of the CDS (investor) a premium (premium on the base interest rate).

Do you have a loan or a private investor?

Do you have a loan or a private investor?

The starting point is simple: an independent entrepreneur must be considered. This may be necessary for innovative future projects or to correct a foreseeable imbalance. Göttingen, 10.05.2017 – Everyone knows about the basic possibilities of raising money: If the private savings account is free, now the question arises whether a loan should be completed or whether a private investor should be found.

The advantages and disadvantages of both options are the subject of this article. It is the easiest way for private individuals to get money for investments. With the loan application you turn to a house bank, conditions are negotiated, contracts are concluded and the funds flow. The self-employed are a little harder in this position because they are considered risky partners for investors.

For while the individual concludes, for example, a real estate loan or a car loan – to which a fixed equivalent is attached – the self-employed entrepreneur with his credit report can be a venture. In many cases, no substitute value (house / car) can be charged if the borrower no longer pays his repayment installment.

For small companies, there is also the risk that sales will be lost as soon as the entrepreneur becomes ill. This saves the founders valuable time, which he spends on futile searches at normal banks. When lending to the self-employed apply different and often different rules for individual banks:

To secure (eg for the private loan for self-employed) the vehicle registration and the residential property can be used. The potential borrower, in this implementation, adjusts the loan requirements on the Internet and explains why the loan is needed and what conditions apply to the loan. On the other hand, there are lenders who in this case are not private banks but private individuals.

If the retail investor has liked the idea that the borrower wants to realize, he can invest. The loan is not assigned until the desired loan amount has been withdrawn. 

Investors who encounter creative entrepreneurs with financial needs.

Investors who encounter creative entrepreneurs with financial needs.

Choosing an investor does not always have to be the strongest wallet. The goal is to sell fewer stocks and receive less, but to have an active business angel by your side.

If you are looking for a business angel, you have to decide with regard to the well-practiced company and the pronounced and innovative power of the house. He must be a professional industry expert, a committed networker and a mainstay. AdvantagesClassical loan according to fixed rules: Not only banknotes, but also know-how and contacts flow with a business angel on board.

Disadvantages Even independents often find it difficult to get a lender. If you want to attract an investor, you must sell shares in your company …. for companies that have calculated exactly what the loan is needed for and when the investment has paid off again.

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