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Education loan 

Education loan 

Incidentally, the education loan can be combined with other financing offers such as Federal financial aid. You finance your education with the Student Loan. That’s why there is the Student Loan, which helps you every month. Many students become serious after their studies: they have to repay their student loan. There is another way: With the student loan from the Creditanstalt  you can secure your financial independence.

Bank loan within the Federal financial aid

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If you have interest on arrears or default interest on your bank statement and your account has not been liquidated, all incoming amounts will be credited to this item first. The interest and the associated expenses have no influence on your assets and thus also on your capital status. If your repayment has been credited only on interest and cost side, this does not lead to a change of your capital credit.

Therefore, only all capital gains advantages are shown in bold in your statement of account. Benefits in kind such as B. Expenses and income as well as old and new capital balances are printed in thin letters. The new capital stock is calculated from the previous capital stock minus all capital-effective payments, provided that these items appear in your statement of account.

Interest in your statement of accounts 

Interest in your statement of accounts&nbsp;

Please note that the semi-annual statement of accounts issued in the month of October and the month of April contains interest until the end of the penultimate month preceding the date of creation of the bank statement: in October extract the interest until 30.09. and in April extract the interest until 31.03. If you receive monthly statement statements through your online loan portal, only the interest will be taken into account until the end of the month preceding the date of the statement of account statements.

For Federal financial aid bank loans, the monthly interest accrued up to the repayment commencement date is capitalized as of 30 September and 30 March, respectively. If your repayment start date is between 30th March and 30th September, the interest accrued and not yet capitalized in this period will be shown as accrued interest in your statement of accounts until full repayment through your monthly payments.

Terms are recorded under the item

Terms are recorded under the item

For this reason, these terms are recorded under the item “Unpaid arrears”. The headings “baw non-payable arrears” and “total non-payable baw” differ only in the fact that you find the items for “baw non-payable arrears” and for the “total of baw unpayable arrears” in a grand total.

“Arrears of payment” refers to payments already due but not yet paid for which no deferral agreements exist. In this case, you can show “due arrears” on your bank statement, which are offset by the different repayment agreement (for example, you have agreed to transfer the repayment installments).

The headings “Payable Overdue Items” and “Total Overdue Items Due” are different only in that you display the items for “Due Overdue Items,” while the “Overdue Items Overdue Items” are the overdue items in a grand total. Please check the items indicated in the statement of account.

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